Just Say YES!

At the Y.E.S events, you have the opportunity to learn more than you can imagine about how to build your business from the minute you leave. You can expect phenomenal guest speakers who are industry experts, as well as Cerule proven top performing IBO’s who will share their industry tips and wealth of knowledge. These are MUST attend events if you are serious about building your business. The testimonials from previous attendees speak for themselves.

Why Say YES?!

An incredibily rewarding way to take your Cerule Buisness to greater heights. Network with other IBOs and share your experiences. Learn how to grow your business and build your confidence.

What People Say About YES!

“Wonderful and exciting, Now I’m ready to learn how to be a network marketing leader, loved listening to Mary Christensen”

1K Club

“Inspiring, uplifting, expanding… I’m on fire with enthusiasm and more confidence!”

3K Club

“Not to be missed – very enjoyable. Good to see and be inspired by speakers”

1K Club

“Y.E.S. event continued to broaden my knowledge and re-affirm what I knew (more than I realized)”


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